if i'm gonna die today just because of loving you,
mas okay na yun para sa'kin. mas okay na yun kesa 
sa mabuhay nga ako ng matagal, di naman kita kasama.

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"I love you, too."

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"For me, as long as i have work and i’m able to balance it with my school, I’m happy” She may be 17, but Kath already understands what it takes many people years to discover. In life, simplest things that makes us truly happy.

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★ Kapamilya stars on Instagram
∟ Aria Clemente } ariaclemente
// Appreciation post: Aria’s glasses

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"I love your style, charm and grace. But most of all my living doll, I love the smile upon your face…" 

-"I Love Your Smile" by: Ronald Doe


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